Meet: Morris 

Morris, a Vietnam vet, came to us homeless and desperate. Now he is training to become an electrician and can afford his own apartment.

Lives Changed

 True stories of some of the hard working Detroiters who have come to us down on their luck, participated in NEST's programs and turned their lives around.

Ronald was living in and out of prison for nonviolent offenses. His eagerness to listen, work hard, and change his life brought him to NEST. Now he is learning all the skills he needs to become a master carpenter.

 Meet: Ronald 

James dropped out of high school and started selling drugs to support his family. Now he is one of our most advanced drywallers and has become a mentor to new participants.

 Meet: James 

 Meet: Don 

Don worked in the factories until he became injured and became unemployed. Now he is our in-house plumbing and HVAC expert.

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